ADEN – the Yemeni port city where my father mysteriously died, so around which my Boy from the Moor blog revolves – celebrates 50 years of independence from British rule this November 30th.

Coincidentally a BBC drama series named Last Post is airing, which is set in ADEN in the fractious last years before Independence. As its plot unfolds we are being drawn into the maelstrom of intrigue, violence, heat and dust, culture and ideology clashes and emotions on all sides that was pretty much how it was then. And it neatly portrays the scene of my father’s life and death in that place.

Throughout my story I have been referring to various of the themes presented in the show. And this month’s blog post, which is dedicated to Yemen and independence in ADEN, sets out to present a history of the British time in ADEN that should put into context why and how the tumultuous events at Independence unfolded, and the Adeni/Yemeni experience to the present day, involving the legacy left by the British, leading up to the miserable ongoing civil war in which the country of Yemen finds itself today.

This post is a one-off anniversary tribute to the special country of YEMEN. Please visit here.

Helen Balkwill

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